"Those coins are ugly disgraces and are defiled pieces of history. They are not rare, and they have no artistic value. I don't know why anybody would collect that crap."
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Adam Leech is a hobo nickel carver based out of Colorado Springs, CO. He first began carving his "Leech Nickels" in the winter of 2008, after hearing of this unique and obscure folk art tradition through some of his whittling buddies in the Pikes Peak Whittlers Association. Instantly enamoured by the mystery and mastery of the original hobo nickel artists, Leech has set out to honor and preserve their great art. Leech carves each of his unique creations in his own "Hobo" style, with hand gravers, polishing stones, and small punches.

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A Nickel and A Nail- News Update! 1/12/13

Today's the big day! Click HERE to view the "Official Extended Trailer" for A Nickel and a Nail! Over TWO YEARS in the making! I am currently debating whether or not to launch another attempt at kickstarting this badboy (as I still need to raise a few dollars to pay for the final edit, physical production, and promotion) and have decided to try to raise the remaining funds without them first... So, if you'd like to help out, and you have a few extra "nickels" laying around, pleae email me (theleechpit @ gmail . com) I don't know exactly how just yet, but I promise that I will make it worth your while! Thanks for watching, I hope you absolutely love it!


A Nickel and A Nail- News Update! 1/1/13


It has been exactly 2 years since I stuck my thumb towards Florida and began this, um, unexpected journey, and over a year since my original funding goal wasn't met. I do apologize for such an extended and unexcused absence...

You see, after the unsuccessful attempt to fund the film's production in its entirety, I was able to implement a secondary plan, and thanks to the support of a generous benefactor, I am nearly finished filming, have begun actual "meat and potatoes" editing. With that said, I am utterly thrilled to announce the official movie trailer premier on Saturday, Jan. 12th, 2013, at the Florida United Numismatists Show in Orlando, FL, and online everywhere immediately thereafter!

I will also soon be announcing a new Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the remaining editing, physical reproduction, and promotion/distribution of the film, so rest assured you will still have an opportunity to re-pledge your support and cash in on a new round of really, really cool rewards!

Thanks again for everything,

Adam Leech

Hand Carved Folk Art "Hobo" Nickels by Adam Leech,

As Seen in The Gazette, ColoradoCultureCast.com, and hobonickels.org!


theleechpit @ gmail . com

Questions, comments, and special requests are always welcomed!